Official NVIDIA 331.40 BETA Display Driver

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    The new GeForce 331.40 beta driver, is now available to download. An essential update for all GeForce GTX users jumping into the Battlefield 4 Beta, 331.40 beta ensures maximum performance and system stability in the shooter’s eagerly anticipated pre-release test.
    Rounding out 331.40 beta is a whole host of profile updates, adding new SLI profiles, updating existing SLI profiles, adding new Ambient Occlusion profiles, and updating other profile elements for optimum game experiences:

    Implemented Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion plus (HBAO+) for DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 applications.
    HBAO+ interactive comparison

    Added support for OpenG 4.4

    NVIDIA SLI Technology

    Added or updated the following profiles:
    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag – Updated Profile
    Batman: Arkham Origins – Updated SLI Profile
    Battlefield 3 – Updated Surround Profile
    Battlefield 4 – Updated Surround Profile, Added SLI Profile
    Crisis – Added SLI Profile
    Crysis 3 – Added AO Profile
    Dirty Bomb – Added DX9 SLI Profile
    Dying Light – Added DX11 SLI Profile
    F1 2013 – Updated SLI Profile
    FIFA 14 – Added SLI Profile, Added AO Profile
    Natural Selection 2 – Added DX11 SLI Profile
    Outlast – Added DX9 SLI Profile
    Space Hulk – Updated Profile
    Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Updated SLI Profile
    State of Decay – Added DX9 SLI Profile
    Watch Dogs – Added DX11 SLI Profile

    Other Profile Updates
    Crysis 3 - added AO profile
    FIFA 14 - added O profile

    Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 331.40

    Click to show spoiler

    The following sections list the important changes and the most common issues resolved
    since versions 327.23. This list is only a subset of the total number of changes made in this
    driver version. The NVIDIA bug number is provided for reference.
    Fixes Since Previous WHQL Driver Version 327.23
    Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 Fixed Issues
    [OpenGL][Solidworks Flow Simulation plugin]: Some features of the plugin do not work. [1368330]
    [GeForce 6/7 Series]: GPU clock speed does not get higher than 405 MHz. [1356542]
    [SLI][Splinter Cell Blacklist]: TXAA option is missing when SLI is enabled. [1353668]
    [Surround]: Driver installation fails if NVIDIA Surround is enabled.[1353369]
    [3D Vision][Rainbow Six: Raven Shield]: Stereoscopic 3D works for the game only if played in windowed mode. [1318923]
    [Multi-GPU]: After clicking the Multi-GPU balloon message to open the NVIDIA Control Panel, pressing F1 does not open the Help. [1349589]
    [Stereoscopic 3D]: After switching the refresh rate switched to 120 Hz using the
    NVIDIA Control Panel and then running a 3D stereo application, the refresh rate automatically switches back to the previous refresh rate upon closing the 3D stereo app. [1343087]
    [3D Surround], 3xGeForce 500/400 Series: When sending output to a fourth display outside of the GPU Surround group, the Surround resolution (3-wide) switches to a non-Surround resolution (single display). [736859]
    [Quad SLI] [GeForce GTX 295]: “SLI connector is missing” balloon pops up even if the SLI bridge connector is attached.[919269]

    Additional details:

    PhysX-Systemsoftware PhysX_9.13.0725
    HD-Audiotreiber 06/16/2013,
    GeForce Experience
    DriverVer 09/27/2013,


    XP 32bit:
    XP 64bit:

    Windows 8/Vista/7 32bit:
    Windows 8/Vista/7 64bit:

    Windows 8/7 32bit:
    Windows 8/7 64bit:
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    Esta driver nao esta grande coisa , nao usa o boost
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    Aqui com duas 780 gtx sli , usa boost com evga precision , tem otimização no bf3 e bf4 e mais uns jogos.

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